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As a software developer when I started to enter the blockchain world I notice something strange, the world was divided into two, from one side it was the Functional Programming Paradigm, and from the other side the Object-Oriented paradigm so the purpose of this article is to explain with common words why functional programming is useful in the new blockchain technology, it is not a technical document, but you need to know something about programming.

a bit of story

The world of programming is driven by the Object-Oriented Paradigm (POO) because it is easy to use, and…

Using Cordoba to make a mobile android app

today it’s really easy to build an APK running in your phone as a web embed application. First of all, you must follow the next steps one by one whiteout miss anyone.

1- Create your Cordoba application, I will use visual studio code, but you can do it using your favorite shell.

I have created an empty folder called MediumSample

.net core and docker

What is .Net Core?

.NET Core is a cross platform, open source re-implementation of the .NET Framework. It is actively maintained by Microsoft and a huge community of developers over on GitHub.

and the main difference between the traditional .net framework is

  • cross platform
  • open source

Lisandro Iraguen

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